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Successful Marriage Filipina Stories July 12, 2012

Do you believe in love at first site? If I am going to answer that question, I would have to say yes. I guess I am a hopeless romantic and my belief of falling in love for a person at first sight will not change, ever.

However, have you noticed that modern love story has a different kind of twist when it comes to meeting that someone special? It seemed that these days, a lot of relationships and marriages are brought about by technology.

The Internet is considered to be one of the most popular places to find a friend, date, and lover. You may hear that it is quite unsafe to date online. But this is because most victims of online dating are not properly informed on how to date safely.

Despite the fuss, online dating still provides a lot of advantages. One of the many advantages of this includes successful marriage Filipina relationships.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of successful marriage Filipina from different online dating sites or Asian dating sites. These stories only prove that love exists online and you can be successful at finding your marriage Filipina.

You can read below some testimonials from users of Christian Filipina website:


Dear Christian Filipina,

Myself and my beautiful wife,Anelyn recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary.We have been very happily married,and I cannot believe how lucky i was to meet such a kind,generous,and extremely loving wife.Anelyn is the best thing that ever happened to me and getting married to her was the best move of my entire life.I feel that your website is the best at getting people together.It was so good to me to be able to meet such a gorgeous woman (both inside and out),instead of the usual woman that I was used to meeting.You have my eternal thanks for allowing us to meet.She is so good to me,i could never repay her for taking such great care of me,even if i were to live to be 100 years old.Again,i cannot thank you and your website enough for getting us together.

– Randall Bergerud


“She is everything I hoped she would be.” The words of Craig Militello, a 58-year old aerospace engineer working in Texas. In 2010 he decided he wanted to go online to find a Filipina woman who shared his Christian values. But wary of people online pretending to be someone they are not, he wanted to make sure an online dating site could provide him with safety and security. And, he found that in


Aloha, just want to thank you both for the opportunity to get on this site and i believe that this is the best site to find you love one, as i did, in Claveria. Im planning my second trip to Philippines to marry my bride to be, Mary Anne Daguro, again thank you , aloha.

Julio — from a 73-year-old Filipina gentleman from USA


Asian Dating Trends 2010 July 10, 2010

With the presence of online dating, communication worldwide is now possible and more than that there is now a growing trend in online dating, specifically in Asian dating which is “mix in culture”. These days a lot of Western men are getting interested to meet an Asian girl.

Now, with the growing number of Western men dating Asian girls online, there is also a rapid growth of mixing cultures and traditions as major number of dates and couples online get married. They happily accepted each other’s differences and they are happy with it.

Moreover, discrimination in online dating has now been lessened since many foreign men get to see the beauty of Asian girls and how they are different with the Western girls they have dated before.

Asian dating also paved way to tourism in some Asian countries. Believe it or not, many foreign men are travelling to Asia not just to see the exotic famous places but to also get to meet their online dates and take their relationship in the next level.

When it comes to marrying two people from West and East, most of these marriages happen twice. Couples who met in Asian dating sites are happy to get married twice in both of their countries. They wanted both of their family, relatives and friends to see and experience their culture and how they celebrate marriage.

Online dating indeed can be fun and exciting all at the same time. People these days get to meet people for the other side of the globe. What makes online dating exciting is the fact that people are different from each other. They have a lot to tell to each other and it is just fun to listen to something new.

With the growing trend in Asian dating these days, it is no wonder how races, culture, and tradition change fast. People dating online are eager to meet someone new. Someone who is completely different from who they are.   And that is the magic of online dating like the Asian dating sites, which is growing rapidly each month.


How To Avoid The Pitfalls In Filipina Dating Sites May 18, 2010

Of all the dating sites out there online, it is quite hard to distinguish which Filipina Dating site would be legitimate and good. There are a lot of foreigners who come uneasy and doubtful when it comes to choosing and joining a Filipina dating site.

You cannot blame these people though since it is quite rampant online of Filipina dating websites that are fraudulent and in a way not good as it seems to be. With so many websites out there, it is quite hard to see and distinguish which ones out there are legitimate and which ones are not.

So just to avoid getting scammed with Filipina dating websites, you should read the tips below:

1. Join a free website
When you are just starting out, just make sure you only join a Filipina dating site that is free or at least a paid site that offers free trials or free memberships. The bottom line is: be sure that you will not risk anything upon joining, especially when you are talking about money.

2. Do not add people with incomplete profiles
Do not ever add or date people online with incomplete profiles. A good standing profile should be one which has good pictures and are updated regularly. Also, a good legitimate profile should be complete with personal information plus member at least for 6 months or so.

3. Be an active member
Once you become a regular member, you will likely know who are scamming online and who are legitimate more or less. It is also advisable to join the Filipina date site forum or blog so you will also be alerted of any online dating scam.

4. Browse through region
The Philippines has a lot of regions and most scams are fro far away regions from Metro Manila. It is suggested that you become familiar with the Philippine regions. You should also be keen and open your eyes to online dates that are very suspicious.

5. Never give money to your online date
Most Filipina dating scams happen when your online date wants some money because they need it badly like for medical bills, school expenses and the likes. Never trust anyone yet unless you have met this person personally and have known well about them and their families and friends.

That is it folks. Just remember that you are in control of your own risks and you can avoid these pitfalls if you are very keen to what are the scams online. Have fun dating!


Filipino Women: Dating And Meeting Online Without Being Scammed March 10, 2010

Online dating is one of the safest and most of all is the most convenient means to accommodate individual men or women. But because of there are majority of singles who opted for online dating sites as a means of finding their soul mate, it also has become one of the places to start a scam.

Amidst all these, online dating has generally remained a very fun activity to most singles, most especially when it comes to working out a distance relationship. Just like in real life relationships, online relationships also need some tender love in order to grow over time.

When it comes to finding and dating Filipino women, most of them are very open and ready in online dating and knowing foreigners. However, you still have to follow certain steps in order to have a fun and hassle-free dating. Do not just rely on your guts or even common sense when it comes to joining Filipina dating websites.

You should take the following advice and you’ll be sure to accomplish and assure to yourself that you are on the right track and at the same time doing safe online dating with Filipino women:

Do not ever, beneath any incident, to reveal your identity on your online personal ad, your online dating profile, or even in your personal e-mails to single Filipino women. Such important information includes your name, specific address (but you can say your location in general like United States), or related information that can reveal who you are and where you live.

Use alone the communication tools provided by your dating service. They now have anonymous e-mail, chat, and even chat messaging that is protected and set to private. You should not accommodate singles Filipino women to reply to your personal e-mail add not until you have known them better. Use your own discretion here.

When it comes to having an online relationship with Filipino women, you have to double check if your online date is honest and can be trusted well. You have to know if your date is willing to get in touch with you 100% anytime. However, you should also be dedicated to working out your time with her, if not, this is a sign of disrespect and unwillingness. You have to understand that most Filipino women are not that rich and they really spend a lot of time and money just to go on an online café to chat. If in any case, you do not see any willingness on the side of your Filipina date, then it is time to say goodbye and fins someone better.

You can have all the time spending some online as well as offline fun times with Filipino women dates. Online you can forward basic online tools like online greeting cards or any links to her favorite online games or movies or even download video clips, and music to spark her interest. When it comes to offline courtship, you can send love letters or simple gifts like your photo to make her remember you often.

When it comes to communication, do not ever make a fuss when it comes to having a fun online date. If one of you becomes too cranky about your regular meetings, or even discusses a lot of unreasonable things, these can affect your online relationship and can make a good date gone bad. Open-up and try to meet halfway, communication is the key. Do not rush things and just enjoy every moment with each other. Online dating, though as convenient and easy as it has become, also needs some ample time to trust and know each other.

Remember, you’re in control of all things. No one should give you any headache or even heartache when it comes to whom you wish to date and setting things up right when dating Filipino women. Anyone who does is not probably want to like you in the first place and apparently is not worth dating online.


Filipina Personals: How To Impress A Filipina Lady February 25, 2010

Beautiful Filipinas are the best partners for the rest of your life to spend. Sweet Filipinas in Filipina personals are unique beauty – both across Asia and America. Filipinas are very friendly and very dedicated to their husbands since this value is a part of the culture of the Philippines they had grown up in. They are very friendly and loving not only for their husbands, but also the entire family.

One great thing about beautiful Philippine girls is they appear to be in reality of deep sense of being in the Philippines. For them, being as friendly, charming and comforting, they are also well aware of Western culture, particularly American culture. Pretty Filipinas speak perfect English, which is great because there is no need to learn the language of beautiful Filipinas.

Here are some tips and tricks if you have the heart to win a Filipina:

1 Be creative and a bit funny with your original pick-up lines. Pick up her number is important. You may not miss their name or Filipinas will leave before you can even touch the tip of the finger. Once you get a line and get their sweet smile, then this is a sign that you are in the right way.

2. When you talk about your life, be honest. Philippines Brides are sensible if you are to say something good about a subject you better speak it or changed the subject. Sending short messages is an important thing in the Philippines; many people are using the SMS function on their mobile. Just send a sweet text message once or twice a day just to know that you remember.

3. Even if Filipina personals love great care as a show of love, especially in a first meeting, it is only fair that you are around other people as well. You should sit with a group of people or participate in a group of her friends. If this is the first time you and your Filipina date speak, remember to look at her in the eye level since most of Filipina personals are shy.

4. To show your outmost true love and if you’re dying to know how to win a Filipina date, you have to exert extra effort to show your love to her. If your Filipina date loves children sincerely and very eagerly, you will have no doubt that that Filipina is your love worth waiting for.

5. A sign of love or care should not be expensive. However, you should bring gifts to family members, noted that her parents should be respected. But again, it should not need to be expensive.


Filipina Date 101: Dating Tips For Men February 17, 2010

With the so many fun and thrills in dating, it is also often said that dating can be very frustrating and in the long run terrifying. But above all that we always tell ourselves to face our fears and just be always prepared when going out on a date.

Well, gentlemen, to get a Filipina date impressed below are your saving tips to win out a perfect night with your date:

1. Groom yourself.

And this means you have to shave. Do not ever come on a date without shaving. You will look old and very unclean. Get that first impression of becoming hygienic. To do this, you have to check yourself in front of the mirror. Check if you nails are cut clean, your hair looks neat and your clothes are perfect.To top the overall clean and nice look, you should be able to also put a nice smelling perfume.

2. Always on time.

As a guy and a gentleman, do not ever get yourself late. It would be a major turn off if you let your Filipina date wait for minutes or hours. A late guy would mean someone who is unreliable and not worth a girl’s time. You can stand five minutes early but never late— always remember that.

3. Be thoughtful.

Always let your Filipina date feel so special by pereparing or buying something for her on your date. A woman should feel extra cared of if the guy is very thoughtful. If you, however, do not have the budget for something fancy, just give her something that would describe her best or a letter made and written by you. There are always gifts that are not expensive but have a lot of thoughts.

4. Become the gentleman you are.

Always think “ladies first”. This way you are showing that she means a lot for you. You get to open the door for her. Let her sit first and always ask her if she is having a great time. Isn’t fantastic? You should become the man of her dreams. Having a Filipina date should also mean being the best gentleman for her as well.

5. Always compliment her.

Remember, you are not the only one who has prepared the night to have a wonderful and fun date. Your Filipina date also had some preparations of her own to make that night extra special. So the first time you saw her, compliment her. Try to say she looks stunning or her dress is a beauty. Always say something good about her but do not overdo it.


10 Reasons To Date Filipino Single Women February 12, 2010

Filipino are known for their hospitality and kind-hearted attitude. Many foreigners are looking up to these good values of Filipinos. Thus, there are many who also are attracted to a lot of single Filipinos, most especially to Filipino single women.

What exactly are the reason why foreign hearts love Filipino single women? Here are ten of the reasons why:

1. Beauty

Among Asian countries, single Filipino women are one of the stand-out beauties. They are charming and very pretty to look at.

2. Personality

Like said before, personality is what keeps foreigners looking for that perfect Filipina. They are the complete opposite from Western ladies and they know how to value each person they are with.

3. Polite and understanding

They would never argue most of the time if it is not that important. Filipinas are known for their proper breeding and would always understand their partner no matter how worst the situation is. In addition, they are also polite and good mannered when in front of guests and friends.

4. Naturally caring and supportive

Filipinas are raised to become a loving and caring wife and mother. They have been taught well of these things thus they also keep a care and support once they have married a husband and would always be on their spouse’s side no matter how tough times can be.

5. One love woman

Filipinas are loyal and once they find their perfect partner, they are ready to settle and be with that person for the rest of their lives.

6. Family first

Single Filipina women have a dream of raising their families in a way that they value family first bfore money. They would rather stay together in an uncomfortable place or situation provided that they know their family would be safe.

7. Good homekeepers

Filipina women know how to cook, do household chores and just about everything that is related to homekeeping. They are used to doing light and heavy jobs at home and they are doing this with love.

8.  Educated

You will be surprised how Filipinas are not at all living domestic life. Although they are trained to be good housekeepers, they have the same level of knowledge when it comes to education of other countries. They know what is going on and they are smart to talk to.

9. Religious

Single Filipino women know God and make God the center of their life. They are so religious that God is their hope when they are down. They have fear of God and they know that good things come when you are close to God.

10. Happy marriage

Records show that foreigners who marry a Filipina have a better marriage than foreigners who marry their own women. There are a lot of contented foreigners who are both proud and happy to be husbands of a Filipina.