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Why Foreigners Love To Have A Filipina Wife June 26, 2012

If you are one of those singles who are hooked up to online Asian dating, you may have noticed that there are a lot of free and paid online dating websites that particularly cater to dating Filipina beauties as well as finding a Filipina wife.

Not to mention, it is also a fact that Filipina, Filipina beauties, and dating a Filipina are one of the top searchable keywords online. All these facts only prove that Filipinas certainly captured the hearts of many foreigners, mostly Westerners.

So what are the reasons behind the growing trend of foreigners looking for Filipina wife? Based from a short survey conducted online, below are top reasons why Filipinas are most sought dates in online Asian dating websites:

Irresistible beauty

No wonder from the looks itself, Filipinas are one of the most beautiful women in Asia. The skin color is just perfect, a very good olive tone skin, eyes are mesmerizing, and the hair never looked so dark and shiny.

The above characteristics are typical of Filipinas. These physical traits are one of the best things many foreigners love. They find Filipino women very attractive and they fall in love with them easily.

If you will notice, one of the common reasons of foreigners joining an online Asian dating website is that they want to get a Filipina wife.  And since most online Asian dating websites cater to singles in Asia, including the Philippines, this is the perfect place to find a perfect Filipino wife.

Great Character

Who would not fall in love with a woman who possesses everything of a perfect housewife- loving, caring, a good cook, thoughtful, and sweet?

A lot of Filipinas dreamed to become the perfect wife. It is no wonder why many foreigners who married a Filipina wife are happy and contented. They all say the same thing: A Filipina wife is worth having for a lifetime.

More inclined for long-term relationships

A lot of foreigners are tired of getting into a relationship that never lasts. Thus, most foreigners who are members of online Asian dating sites look for Filipina dates because these Filipinas commonly perceive a relationship, especially marriage, as sacred.

Filipino wives tend to be loyal and faithful. They have fear of God and they really strive to become a perfect partner and wife once married.


Dating Tips For Philippine Single Women June 13, 2010

Dating can be fun but it also can be tough, especially when things are not going right in the first place. There is absolutely stress about meeting new people, taking them out on a date and most especially trying to connect with them. So how do you possibly bring back the fun in dating without taking things tough?

Well for starters, you have to have a low expectation and just be who you are. Sometimes, it is good to read stuff and tips about dating. But then again, some tips can just make you nervous. Funny, I am writing about dating tips. But the point here is that you do not have to strictly follow what advice you may have read. Most of these tips are just there as your guidelines. It is good to know that you have read these useful tips, but do not prepare a checklist of these tips and do them as you go out on a date. Just relax and enjoy your date.

Having fun does not necessarily mean be expensive also. You have to think out of the box and be creative. For first dates, casual dating like watching a movie or just hanging out on a café is best suggested. First dates do not have to be very formal.  Remember that the essence of first dates is to get to know the other person well and you need a quiet, romantic and informal place in order to do this successfully.

Make sure that when it comes to conversations, you need to establish a two-way communication. At most times, Philippine single women talk a little too much that they have not noticed that their date wanted to say something too. Avoid taking about yourself more but instead listen also to what your date wants to say. It best that you have prepared a set of questions that would spark two-way conversation such as interesting places that you went out to, bad day moments and the likes.

At the end of the date, this usually is the hardest part since both of you should somehow make signals on how you have like or not like the whole dating thing. Do not expect a guy to just make the first signal. If you wanted to say something about the date, you have to be vocal. Philippine single women sometimes are afraid to say what they think. But being vocal is actually a good thing since you are closing the day with how you really thought your date went out. Good luck!


How to Work Out A Good Relationship With Filipino Single Women Despite Distance April 2, 2010

Who says that long distance relationships with Filipino single women do not work? Believe it or not, there are a lot of couples who are far away with each other that are happy and still in love despite the distance between them.  As the saying goes, “If there is a will, there is always a way.” And this is also perfectly true for relationships with Filipino single women who got long distance relationship problems. The secret behind a lasting long distance relationship is that both couples should be able to strive to work things out together even if their worlds are apart. Luckily, below are tips and ideas you can follow:

1. Relationship parameters:

It is always good to be vocal and honest with each other no matter how it takes. Both of your should be able to disclose what you have in mind and what would be the perfect way or ways to resolve your fears and inhibitions. Setting up parameters is what you exactly need in your long distance relationship. It may be very difficult or even awkward to ask your partner this but just to be sure and to clear things out, you have to consult your partner of certain things and issues like if you are free to see or date other persons while you both are away and so on.

2. Defy distance:

Do not ever stick to the usual phone calls or chat dates. Get yourself out of those comfort zones and be able to think more creatively. For example, you can do things together like watching the same dvd movies on weekends, or staring at the sky for some shooting stars while you both are talking to each other on phone. There are endless possibilities of becoming creative and staying romantic to keep the problem of distance away of your relationship.

3. Avoid being too in control over things:

Distance may seem to get to your nerves that you have some second thoughts about your partner at times. That would be natural, but then again learn how to act normal just like couples who are together. One of the things you should avoid id to be too in control over each other. Your target is for you to both enjoy be interested with each other and not to decide what one should do and not do. Trust is also essential o keeping each other intact and staying in your relationship happy.

4. Plan about the future:

If you and your partner has already established quite some time knowing together, you can also talk about your future together. You can discuss where yur relationship should be going and at some point what would be your future plans and so on.

5. Stay positive:

It is always good to remain positive at all times in your relationship. Positive things can bring about plenty of good things you can share with your partner. Do not ever let long distance relationship issue get in your way. By becoming positive too, you can always remain honest with your feeling towards your partner and remain loving and very thoughtful at the same time.