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Why Foreigners Love To Have A Filipina Wife June 26, 2012

If you are one of those singles who are hooked up to online Asian dating, you may have noticed that there are a lot of free and paid online dating websites that particularly cater to dating Filipina beauties as well as finding a Filipina wife.

Not to mention, it is also a fact that Filipina, Filipina beauties, and dating a Filipina are one of the top searchable keywords online. All these facts only prove that Filipinas certainly captured the hearts of many foreigners, mostly Westerners.

So what are the reasons behind the growing trend of foreigners looking for Filipina wife? Based from a short survey conducted online, below are top reasons why Filipinas are most sought dates in online Asian dating websites:

Irresistible beauty

No wonder from the looks itself, Filipinas are one of the most beautiful women in Asia. The skin color is just perfect, a very good olive tone skin, eyes are mesmerizing, and the hair never looked so dark and shiny.

The above characteristics are typical of Filipinas. These physical traits are one of the best things many foreigners love. They find Filipino women very attractive and they fall in love with them easily.

If you will notice, one of the common reasons of foreigners joining an online Asian dating website is that they want to get a Filipina wife.  And since most online Asian dating websites cater to singles in Asia, including the Philippines, this is the perfect place to find a perfect Filipino wife.

Great Character

Who would not fall in love with a woman who possesses everything of a perfect housewife- loving, caring, a good cook, thoughtful, and sweet?

A lot of Filipinas dreamed to become the perfect wife. It is no wonder why many foreigners who married a Filipina wife are happy and contented. They all say the same thing: A Filipina wife is worth having for a lifetime.

More inclined for long-term relationships

A lot of foreigners are tired of getting into a relationship that never lasts. Thus, most foreigners who are members of online Asian dating sites look for Filipina dates because these Filipinas commonly perceive a relationship, especially marriage, as sacred.

Filipino wives tend to be loyal and faithful. They have fear of God and they really strive to become a perfect partner and wife once married.


All About Filipino Women: Redefining Philippine Women Today April 25, 2012

A lot of Western foreigners have a misconception about Filipino women. Some of them think that women from the Philippines are submissive and are objects of subjugation. While most of the foreigners think this way, it is not wholly their fault.

During the Spanish era, the time where Filipinos are forced to work hard in order to produce surplus to pay for the government and the church, women played a very important part in this struggle. This is the time wherein Filipino women are exploited.

The Spanish brought Christianity to the Philippines. However, beyond this great contribution, they are also regarded as the main culprit of distorting the image of Filipino women, degrading their value in the society. The Spanish era then turned Filipino women from highly-respected individuals in the society to lowly women that most men can play with.

From this time on, the image of Filipino women are always tied with household, someone who only has the duty to take care of her husband and children. Additionally, women in the Philippines are recognized as good daughters, women who can outlast sufferings, women with sealed lips, and absolutely has no standing in the politics.

However, at present society, this definition about Filipino women already changed. Whether she lives in a rural or urban area, Filipinas are more exposed to a lot of options. They already found their voice and as a matter of fact, have contributed a lot to the Philippine society.

Because of this, Filipinas gained their voices along with the society’s respect. You may easily see successful Filipinas in the fields of law, politics, medicine, business, technology, and so on.

But regardless of all the success and achievements of Filipinas, there are also some undesirable picturesque about Filipino women being exploited as domestics, entertainers, and mail-to-order brides due to the rising “flesh” industry.

Even though there are instances about Filipino women being this and that, foreigners should never discriminate all Filipinas this way. Instead, treat all Filipinas as someone who is respected and loveable. Despite all the discrimination about Filipino women, Filipinas are characterized as strong and independent. Additionally, they have their very own unique common sense, wisdom, strength, and courage that keep all Filipinas stand out.


Where To Find The Perfect Philippine Girls To Marry March 16, 2010

What makes Philippine girls as ideal wives by a lot of foreigners is that they are committed, loyal, and has been one of the best housewives there is. Because of these qualities, Philippine girls have been a fascination of a lot of foreign guys and marrying them is part of their dream come true.

If you are interested on finding the perfect Filipina for you, then you should know some important information about how to find quality Philippine girls- a natural Filipina with good education, virtuous and most especially has a beauty inside-out. Below are best places you can take note when finding the Filipina of your dreams:

1. Online Dating sites

There are a lot of online dating sites lately, and one of them are websites designed for finding Philippine girls online. These websites can be free and paid and some sites combine both paid and free membership. You can choose among these sites when you are on the lookout for Filipina women. But always take note to have your profile updated regularly with a god picture of yourself.

2. Print ads

There are print ads that also feature Philippine girls looking for penpals, phone pals, or even text mates. You should know that internet connection is not the number one medium used in the Philippines since a lot of Philippine girls live in rural and remote areas where net connection is limited or even expensive.

3. Chat rooms

There are also chat rooms where there are a lot of potential Philippine girls hang out. You can start finding one but take note to also log on to your chat in times when there are a lot of Philippine girls chatting also. You should know the time in the Philippines and timing is very important whenever you want to find someone who is a regular chatter on her time.

4. Forums

There are forums dedicated for certain Philippine girls group. You can search on Yahoo forums, Google forums, or even Philippine local forums. Just make sure that the forum you are choosing speaks mostly in English as some are set-up in their local dialect.

5. Common friend

You can also find quality Philippine girls by a common friend. Remember that you can meet a Filipina on your country as well. You just have to search thoroughly.

5. Take a vacation

If you are that serious, book a flight to the Philippines. The Philippines is a tropical island that you would surely love to see and experience for yourself. It is suggested that you book a flight within summer or holidays in the Philippines like from the month of December to March. You can surely meet someone whom you’ll like.


Filipina Women: Celebrating Philippine Women’s Month 2010 March 3, 2010

Let us celebrate how Filipina women should be known and looked at all over the world. They are true gem and beauty and most of all a keeper. Here is a special video we like to share about why Filipina women should be given love and respect worldwide. Enjoy!


Filipina Date 101: Dating Tips For Men February 17, 2010

With the so many fun and thrills in dating, it is also often said that dating can be very frustrating and in the long run terrifying. But above all that we always tell ourselves to face our fears and just be always prepared when going out on a date.

Well, gentlemen, to get a Filipina date impressed below are your saving tips to win out a perfect night with your date:

1. Groom yourself.

And this means you have to shave. Do not ever come on a date without shaving. You will look old and very unclean. Get that first impression of becoming hygienic. To do this, you have to check yourself in front of the mirror. Check if you nails are cut clean, your hair looks neat and your clothes are perfect.To top the overall clean and nice look, you should be able to also put a nice smelling perfume.

2. Always on time.

As a guy and a gentleman, do not ever get yourself late. It would be a major turn off if you let your Filipina date wait for minutes or hours. A late guy would mean someone who is unreliable and not worth a girl’s time. You can stand five minutes early but never late— always remember that.

3. Be thoughtful.

Always let your Filipina date feel so special by pereparing or buying something for her on your date. A woman should feel extra cared of if the guy is very thoughtful. If you, however, do not have the budget for something fancy, just give her something that would describe her best or a letter made and written by you. There are always gifts that are not expensive but have a lot of thoughts.

4. Become the gentleman you are.

Always think “ladies first”. This way you are showing that she means a lot for you. You get to open the door for her. Let her sit first and always ask her if she is having a great time. Isn’t fantastic? You should become the man of her dreams. Having a Filipina date should also mean being the best gentleman for her as well.

5. Always compliment her.

Remember, you are not the only one who has prepared the night to have a wonderful and fun date. Your Filipina date also had some preparations of her own to make that night extra special. So the first time you saw her, compliment her. Try to say she looks stunning or her dress is a beauty. Always say something good about her but do not overdo it.


10 Reasons To Date Filipino Single Women February 12, 2010

Filipino are known for their hospitality and kind-hearted attitude. Many foreigners are looking up to these good values of Filipinos. Thus, there are many who also are attracted to a lot of single Filipinos, most especially to Filipino single women.

What exactly are the reason why foreign hearts love Filipino single women? Here are ten of the reasons why:

1. Beauty

Among Asian countries, single Filipino women are one of the stand-out beauties. They are charming and very pretty to look at.

2. Personality

Like said before, personality is what keeps foreigners looking for that perfect Filipina. They are the complete opposite from Western ladies and they know how to value each person they are with.

3. Polite and understanding

They would never argue most of the time if it is not that important. Filipinas are known for their proper breeding and would always understand their partner no matter how worst the situation is. In addition, they are also polite and good mannered when in front of guests and friends.

4. Naturally caring and supportive

Filipinas are raised to become a loving and caring wife and mother. They have been taught well of these things thus they also keep a care and support once they have married a husband and would always be on their spouse’s side no matter how tough times can be.

5. One love woman

Filipinas are loyal and once they find their perfect partner, they are ready to settle and be with that person for the rest of their lives.

6. Family first

Single Filipina women have a dream of raising their families in a way that they value family first bfore money. They would rather stay together in an uncomfortable place or situation provided that they know their family would be safe.

7. Good homekeepers

Filipina women know how to cook, do household chores and just about everything that is related to homekeeping. They are used to doing light and heavy jobs at home and they are doing this with love.

8.  Educated

You will be surprised how Filipinas are not at all living domestic life. Although they are trained to be good housekeepers, they have the same level of knowledge when it comes to education of other countries. They know what is going on and they are smart to talk to.

9. Religious

Single Filipino women know God and make God the center of their life. They are so religious that God is their hope when they are down. They have fear of God and they know that good things come when you are close to God.

10. Happy marriage

Records show that foreigners who marry a Filipina have a better marriage than foreigners who marry their own women. There are a lot of contented foreigners who are both proud and happy to be husbands of a Filipina.