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Successful Marriage Filipina Stories July 12, 2012

Do you believe in love at first site? If I am going to answer that question, I would have to say yes. I guess I am a hopeless romantic and my belief of falling in love for a person at first sight will not change, ever.

However, have you noticed that modern love story has a different kind of twist when it comes to meeting that someone special? It seemed that these days, a lot of relationships and marriages are brought about by technology.

The Internet is considered to be one of the most popular places to find a friend, date, and lover. You may hear that it is quite unsafe to date online. But this is because most victims of online dating are not properly informed on how to date safely.

Despite the fuss, online dating still provides a lot of advantages. One of the many advantages of this includes successful marriage Filipina relationships.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of successful marriage Filipina from different online dating sites or Asian dating sites. These stories only prove that love exists online and you can be successful at finding your marriage Filipina.

You can read below some testimonials from users of Christian Filipina website:


Dear Christian Filipina,

Myself and my beautiful wife,Anelyn recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary.We have been very happily married,and I cannot believe how lucky i was to meet such a kind,generous,and extremely loving wife.Anelyn is the best thing that ever happened to me and getting married to her was the best move of my entire life.I feel that your website is the best at getting people together.It was so good to me to be able to meet such a gorgeous woman (both inside and out),instead of the usual woman that I was used to meeting.You have my eternal thanks for allowing us to meet.She is so good to me,i could never repay her for taking such great care of me,even if i were to live to be 100 years old.Again,i cannot thank you and your website enough for getting us together.

– Randall Bergerud


“She is everything I hoped she would be.” The words of Craig Militello, a 58-year old aerospace engineer working in Texas. In 2010 he decided he wanted to go online to find a Filipina woman who shared his Christian values. But wary of people online pretending to be someone they are not, he wanted to make sure an online dating site could provide him with safety and security. And, he found that in


Aloha, just want to thank you both for the opportunity to get on this site and i believe that this is the best site to find you love one, as i did, in Claveria. Im planning my second trip to Philippines to marry my bride to be, Mary Anne Daguro, again thank you , aloha.

Julio — from a 73-year-old Filipina gentleman from USA


Filipina Love: A Proposal Video For A Filipina June 29, 2012


Why Foreigners Love To Have A Filipina Wife June 26, 2012

If you are one of those singles who are hooked up to online Asian dating, you may have noticed that there are a lot of free and paid online dating websites that particularly cater to dating Filipina beauties as well as finding a Filipina wife.

Not to mention, it is also a fact that Filipina, Filipina beauties, and dating a Filipina are one of the top searchable keywords online. All these facts only prove that Filipinas certainly captured the hearts of many foreigners, mostly Westerners.

So what are the reasons behind the growing trend of foreigners looking for Filipina wife? Based from a short survey conducted online, below are top reasons why Filipinas are most sought dates in online Asian dating websites:

Irresistible beauty

No wonder from the looks itself, Filipinas are one of the most beautiful women in Asia. The skin color is just perfect, a very good olive tone skin, eyes are mesmerizing, and the hair never looked so dark and shiny.

The above characteristics are typical of Filipinas. These physical traits are one of the best things many foreigners love. They find Filipino women very attractive and they fall in love with them easily.

If you will notice, one of the common reasons of foreigners joining an online Asian dating website is that they want to get a Filipina wife.  And since most online Asian dating websites cater to singles in Asia, including the Philippines, this is the perfect place to find a perfect Filipino wife.

Great Character

Who would not fall in love with a woman who possesses everything of a perfect housewife- loving, caring, a good cook, thoughtful, and sweet?

A lot of Filipinas dreamed to become the perfect wife. It is no wonder why many foreigners who married a Filipina wife are happy and contented. They all say the same thing: A Filipina wife is worth having for a lifetime.

More inclined for long-term relationships

A lot of foreigners are tired of getting into a relationship that never lasts. Thus, most foreigners who are members of online Asian dating sites look for Filipina dates because these Filipinas commonly perceive a relationship, especially marriage, as sacred.

Filipino wives tend to be loyal and faithful. They have fear of God and they really strive to become a perfect partner and wife once married.


What Is It Like Having A Filipino Wife At Home May 13, 2010

A lot of foreign men are attracted by the beauty and character of a Filipina. They all comment that having a girlfriend or Filipino wife is one of their dreams. Most of men married to a Filipino wife have never been very happy. They all say that Filipinas are really one of a kind and enchanting.

So what is it really like to marry a Filipina? As said again and on my previous posts, A Filipina is the all package in one: You will get a woman who is loyal, caring, good wife and mother and a Filipina who is very transparent in all she say and do.

A Filipino wife is very different from foreign women wives. They are not used to being dominant and all they wanted is to be the loyal, good, caring and loving wives and mothers at home. They have high respect with their husbands and they believe and trust their husband’s decisions.

Filipino wife is also someone who is God-fearing. Raised in a very religious and culture-rich environment, a Filipino wife is said to be very religious and believes that everything will be alright because God is with them.
You do not have to worry if A Filipina wife is a good housekeeper because she truly is. She is one which is very used to do house chores and at the same time can raise the children all by herself. She is also dependent of everything that is related to home keeping.

In addition, what makes a good Filipino wife is someone who is very loyal to her family. There are a lot of Filipinas who are always there by the side of her family and most importantly, is willing to give up her own job or career in exchange for a happy whole family.

In short, a Filipina wife is someone who only dreams to have a happy complete family. She is a Filipina who only dreams of simple life with her husband and kids. The bottom line of it all: A Filipina wife is totally different from most foreign wives. They are simple and humble. No wonder a lot of foreigner wanted to marry a Filipina. Do you have a wonderful story to share about your Filipino wife? I would gladly want to listen.


Filipina Wife: Finding Your Perfect Match April 18, 2010

In order to encounter your perfect Filipina match you must really know deep down who Filipinas truly are and not the ones you just hit and learned somewhere else. The thing here is to achieve her trust before even asking her for marriage and be your Filipina wife.

Philippine women usually go to the online dating services to encounter love and marriage. They are not used to going to bars to hand up and find their love. Thus, the most favourable way to encounter love and romance is from an online dating service. After their personal ads are approved online, they wait for men occurrence them. Some country women encounter compatible friends and occurrence them first.

Most of the time, a Filipina woman registers a good and sounding profile and waits for men to email or buzz her online. However, there are a lot of Filipinas who are shy to talk to guys. They don’t move to men like the Western women do. This is one of the tools that you should be healthy to apply for a Filipina. Again, Filipina girls for wedlock are faithful and loyal. They believe wedlock is a lifelong commitment in their life.

All a Filipina want when it comes to looking for a man is a steady long relationship. Considering the double standards in the state and the fact that they don’t hit divorce, it is true that Filipina women contemplates a lot when it comes to men and marriage. Western men are perceived as being more modern and loving than Filipinos so it is no surprise when they are more desirable for a life companion.

Statistically, Western men who are looking for a Filipina wife are above 35 years old. What makes them desirable is that they are perceived by Filipinas as more mature, less promiscuous, and financially stable.

Filipino wives are fresh, because they take good care of their beauty. Most of them are trained early to undergo the housework. Filipinas is ever a good housekeeper. Pretty country wives value the broad priority on relation and marriage. When you intend married with a country wife, you undergo what I am talking most here. It’s hard to explain everything most how a bonny country girl is. Most of girls in state take good care of their husbands because they respect the value of marriage. A country woman wants her economise to be ever satisfied and happy. She wants her wedlock to last long forever. So, s he is doing everything to keep her wedlock burning forever.

In a greater sense, many Filipinas graduated with degrees of education and professional lives. It could hardly be presumed that their only purpose in life is to fit whatever man’s wildest dreams. What you do intend when marrying a Filipina is woman dedicated to her family and striving to keep her wedlock successful.


Filipino Wife: Beautiful Love Story April 3, 2010

I just stumbled this video on You Tube and I would like it to share with you. Enjoy!