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Free Upgraded Membership At Top Site Christian Filipina April 6, 2010

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Christian Dating Relationship: How Christian Dating Should Be Looked At February 6, 2010

When you look everywhere, there is a lot of dating advice these days. But among this advice, it is often hard to find a genuine advice on Christian dating. Thus wherever you look, there are certainly a lot of Christians who have taken the wrong path when it comes to dating and going out. The importance of knowing how Christians date in the first place should be emphasized since it is still a matter of knowing what God wants us to do and He wants us to do it in accordance to our beliefs as Christians.

For non-Christians, dating is another way to look at it. They have a different perspective and view about dating like for example or perspectives in Christian dating relationship, they get a wrong sense of how to look in a date and how dates should go on and so on.

But with Christian perspective, it is important to make God as the center of everything and make Him the reason on why we are dating in the first place. Without God, people seemed to be lost in a relationship. They have different views of how a relationship should be and are sometimes confused on what is the right thing to do.

For Christian teens, it would be best to guard the hearts. It is often mistaken how love should be with teens thus; it is essential to read a few scriptures about love and when is the right time to really have someone as partner. Moreover, with teens, it should be guided that the love they will show should not be a “shallow” kind of love or even a “materialistic” kind of love.

As Christians, it should be also noted to avoid dating non-believers and on the other hand, also do not ever hope or d a “missionary date”, or trying to convert someone to believe in the religion by dating him or her. Well, intentions may be noble on these dates, but then again in the long run, relationship seldom last or do not really work out.

Above all: Love is supposed to be genuine and true. Do not ever let yourself date just for the sake of fun and dating itself. It is noted in the Bible to love one another and love is a beauty that would make our life much easier.


Christian Singles Dating Service: How To Grow A Strong Relationship While Dating February 5, 2010

Dating is one of the fun parts in life. We get to feel a mix of emotions and most of them make us happy and blessed. But there are also some useful tips that can help people enjoy dating and at the same time grow into a strong relationship with the one you wanted to spend life together:

1. Praying- this should be done before even going out on a date. We should ask God to keep you safe and at the same time help you find the right person. Prayers are powerful and this can also help in achieving a very special and loving relationship with the person you love.

2. Have a nice conversation- there is no other way to go by a nice date through talking and sharing same interests, likes, dislikes, and even experiences with our date. This way also, you can see in one way or the other how this person is a match or not for you.

3. Friendship phase- do not ever jump ahead. Just enjoy dating and getting to know that person first before even planning marriage or anything that is about serious relationships and settling down. It is highly suggested that you keep a friend relationship first with your date before even going intimate with each other.

4. Pray in groups- it would also be nice to stay in touch with God together with your partner. You can attend some retreat together and spend time with the Lord, praying for a blessed relationship together. In any kind of relationship, prayer is a strong force that would keep both of you strong and alive no matter what the life’s trials would bring about.

5. Do not ever kiss- at least not until you are engaged. As Christians, it would be best to to keep all these emotional show first just to avoid any situations that would break the Christian belief. There are just a million ways why kissing is highly prohibited for Christians since this can lead to instances that will be regretful at the end.

6. Go out with other people too- Do not ever concentrate on being with the person you love and just forget the others. It would be best to also be active in socializing with people around you. Do not ever live a self-centered relationship. Good thing there are sites that cater to socializing with other Christians in a good way like online Christian singles dating service. A healthy relationship is one which includes you, your partner and your interaction towards the society and the environment you are into.

7. Respect each other- Do not ever forget this as you go along with your relationship. Your partner is still a person and you should be able to respect him or her as a person, a loving child of God.