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Know What Kind Of Filipino Ladies You Are Going Out With June 2, 2010

Guys, there are different people everywhere and anywhere. You also got to admit to it that no matter how clear you are with the kind of lady you are dating with, it always end up with a girl that is far away from what you have on your list of qualities, which you are looking for in the first place.

Same goes with finding and dating Filipino ladies. There are different kinds of Filipinas out there. As you may read below, you can see and classify which of the types you are going out really:

1. Traditional Pinay
She is someone who is mahinhin or very prune and honed to her every action. She is often quiet and just smiles back whenever you approach her. She is a kind of lady that is also religious and is happy and contented to a guy who just there for her and loves her.

This kind of Filipino lady often lives in far-flung places, generally in rural areas. They maintain the traits and beliefs of a Filipina in Spanish era, which is someone who should be religious, a virgin until married, and a good housekeeper.

2. The Adventurous Filipina
It is common among Filipinos to travel and do something different. There are some Filipina ladies who are also into adventures. They are the ones you often see travelling abroad and meeting new cultures and people. They also know a lot about food and places and could take you into some adventures of a lifetime.

3. The Career Woman
It is often mistaken that Filipinas are only meant to stay at home and do household chores. Well, now it is rampant for Filipino ladies to work and become the career woman they want to be. This kind of Filipina is someone who is very independent and could work her way out through problems. They are also very vocal and know directly what they want. But be careful when dating a Filipina career-oriented woman, they do not easily fall in love.

4. The Easy-Go-Lucky Pinay
These are the type that you can easily hand out with and be very much comfortable to date with. These Filipina ladies do not have any rules to play. They are just happy and always on the go to whatever and whenever you asked them about.

Filipina personals are not hard to fall in love with. Thus, most foreigners are easily enticed with a Filipina. Good luck finding your ideal Pinay and let me know your story about it. Happy dating!


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