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Places To Find Filipina Single Women Aside From Online Dating Sites May 30, 2010

There are absolutely a lot of online dating sites where you can find your Filipina dream girlfriend or wife. But chances are some or even most of these sites maybe a scam and the Filipina single women you find may not say who they really are. There are a lot of online scam cases that are reported. You may want to find other places other than online foreign dating sites to find true Filipina single women of your choice.

1. Personal blogs
Blogging is now rampant online and there are blogs that are about personal interests and stories. You can drop a comment and try to make friends with the blogger. You can even start your own blog and in time you can gain more Filipina single women bloggers and from there you can find someone who is true and honest.

2. Chat rooms and forums
There are a lot of chatrooms and forums online which is about Filipino community, you should becoming a member there and begin making friends.

3. Community-based sites
Community-based sites are also a great place to look for Filipina single women and find your Philippine wives. Examples of community-based sites are Facebook, Friendster and Myspace. But of course, you should be able to also see and check if these profiles are legitimate and updated. You can very well tell if the profiles are true by checking out their set of friends, their pictures as well as their profile information.

4. Friend’s referrals
Did you know that Filipinos are almost everywhere? You can check out your friends and ask them if they know any Filipino single women. You should be lucky if some of your friends know or have a Filipina friend.

5. Search your area
There are Filipino communities in almost every part of the world. If you want in, then try searching your place. You can have better luck in finding single Filipina women by their community.

That is about it. The bottom line is: You have to be patient and try to stay positive. The suggested ways above may be easier said than done, but with a positive attitude, you can likely get your dream Filipina girlfriend or Filipina single penpals in time without being scammed and lied to. Good luck!


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  1. Rachel Velarde Says:

    Thanks for the information you sent.

  2. Rachel Velarde Says:

    I would be glad if you keep updating me regarding new sites online dating or chatting.

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