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What Is It Like Having A Filipino Wife At Home May 13, 2010

A lot of foreign men are attracted by the beauty and character of a Filipina. They all comment that having a girlfriend or Filipino wife is one of their dreams. Most of men married to a Filipino wife have never been very happy. They all say that Filipinas are really one of a kind and enchanting.

So what is it really like to marry a Filipina? As said again and on my previous posts, A Filipina is the all package in one: You will get a woman who is loyal, caring, good wife and mother and a Filipina who is very transparent in all she say and do.

A Filipino wife is very different from foreign women wives. They are not used to being dominant and all they wanted is to be the loyal, good, caring and loving wives and mothers at home. They have high respect with their husbands and they believe and trust their husband’s decisions.

Filipino wife is also someone who is God-fearing. Raised in a very religious and culture-rich environment, a Filipino wife is said to be very religious and believes that everything will be alright because God is with them.
You do not have to worry if A Filipina wife is a good housekeeper because she truly is. She is one which is very used to do house chores and at the same time can raise the children all by herself. She is also dependent of everything that is related to home keeping.

In addition, what makes a good Filipino wife is someone who is very loyal to her family. There are a lot of Filipinas who are always there by the side of her family and most importantly, is willing to give up her own job or career in exchange for a happy whole family.

In short, a Filipina wife is someone who only dreams to have a happy complete family. She is a Filipina who only dreams of simple life with her husband and kids. The bottom line of it all: A Filipina wife is totally different from most foreign wives. They are simple and humble. No wonder a lot of foreigner wanted to marry a Filipina. Do you have a wonderful story to share about your Filipino wife? I would gladly want to listen.


One Response to “What Is It Like Having A Filipino Wife At Home”

  1. eduardo Says:

    a having filipina wife is the best.

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