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Romancing Philippine Women With Classy Love Letter March 15, 2010

Well, yes there is now the Internet with a lot of great features that can enhance your online dating experience, but then again, nothing beats the old fashion love letter. What you should know about Philippine women is that they love old fashion things and one of them is receiving a love letter.

If you are attracted with Philippine women, you should consider writing her a love letter. From there, you can easily and honestly tell her how you exactly feel. You can practice the words you really want her to know since love letters can be written in drafts first. When you are that type of person who is afraid to express one’s feelings, love letters are the way to go.

Many say that love letters can say the things that are kept hidden for so long. It contains the feelings of a person with honesty and care. If you want to move your relationship with Philippine women into something that requires more intimacy, you can write her a love letter.

When you are decided that Filipino single women is your choice and you want to express your true feelings for her, there are several suggested tips you can use when writing a love letter. Below are a few but effective tips:

1. Write from the heart- Do not be afraid. Let us just say that this is your perfect timing and you won’t like to spoil it by covering your true feelings. You should be able to express yourself and let her know how you really feel. If you worry that you are not that god in writing a love letter, just be who you are and say what you really want. A good love letter is not something that you should be a professional at but you should be able to know that you write a letter that is coming from the heart.

2. Five lovable things- think of five things that you like about her. Small things matter here. You should be able to detail why you like it and why this has been one of your favorite things.

3. Write in your own handwriting- Do not print your love letter. It would be best that you write it on your own. For added class, you can prepare your love letter in a specialty paper. Consider also your presentation. You would want your love letter to b very attractive so it also adds “yes” points.

4. Do not be afraid in writing on your own handwriting- Well not everyone has good handwriting, but then again, it makes extra effort to show her that you are sincere and that you have specially prepared the love letter for her once she sees that you write it yourself. Your hand writing does not have to be perfect as long as it is coming from your heart. Thought always matters above all, right?

5. Practice makes perfect- If you are really dying to have a good looking love letter, why not practice? You can always make drafts and then proceed on the writing the final letter once you have known the right handwriting marks and perfected the words you want to say.


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