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How Virginity is Valued For a Philippine Girl February 24, 2010

Losing one’s virginity for Philippine girl and women are deeply associated with Philippine culture. Once you lose your virginity before marrying a husband and even before the wedding, at this point, it is highly regarded as a violation of this standard and will be treated like a virtual death for them.

In the Philippines, the reputation of the family is sacred. Family, friends and the whole community would condemn her. A Philippine girl could not look towards a bright future. Most Filipino men find a woman who had sex before marriage not worthy of attention.

This can even not be forgiven if she is raped. I know that is not fair. But, as society dictates this should be one of the most things Filipina girls would want to learn. There are many men, who often made a broken promise of marriage, never intending to marry a Philippine girl.

Most Philippine girl knows the risks they take, to trust a man who wants to have sex before marriage. The loss of virginity at the wrong time and let people know that this is an insult to the pride of the family by being offensive.

Culture and family dictates a Filipina’s duty to understand once they are old enough to know that virginity is not only in words, but more importantly, keeping a good example.

Virginity is sacred in this Catholic country. Women learn virginity is a treasure. Filipino men are not interested to marry a non-virgin. But the responsibility in this culture the woman is to protect not only themselves but also their families, by preserving their virginity.

The loss of virginity and finally becoming a single parent is also related to poverty and was the biggest negative force in the Philippines when it comes to finding jobs in the country and abroad. Thus, Philippine women know that it is their responsibility to maintain their virginity. Otherwise, it will often pay a heavy emotional and social development.


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