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Filipina Date 101: Dating Tips For Men February 17, 2010

With the so many fun and thrills in dating, it is also often said that dating can be very frustrating and in the long run terrifying. But above all that we always tell ourselves to face our fears and just be always prepared when going out on a date.

Well, gentlemen, to get a Filipina date impressed below are your saving tips to win out a perfect night with your date:

1. Groom yourself.

And this means you have to shave. Do not ever come on a date without shaving. You will look old and very unclean. Get that first impression of becoming hygienic. To do this, you have to check yourself in front of the mirror. Check if you nails are cut clean, your hair looks neat and your clothes are perfect.To top the overall clean and nice look, you should be able to also put a nice smelling perfume.

2. Always on time.

As a guy and a gentleman, do not ever get yourself late. It would be a major turn off if you let your Filipina date wait for minutes or hours. A late guy would mean someone who is unreliable and not worth a girl’s time. You can stand five minutes early but never late— always remember that.

3. Be thoughtful.

Always let your Filipina date feel so special by pereparing or buying something for her on your date. A woman should feel extra cared of if the guy is very thoughtful. If you, however, do not have the budget for something fancy, just give her something that would describe her best or a letter made and written by you. There are always gifts that are not expensive but have a lot of thoughts.

4. Become the gentleman you are.

Always think “ladies first”. This way you are showing that she means a lot for you. You get to open the door for her. Let her sit first and always ask her if she is having a great time. Isn’t fantastic? You should become the man of her dreams. Having a Filipina date should also mean being the best gentleman for her as well.

5. Always compliment her.

Remember, you are not the only one who has prepared the night to have a wonderful and fun date. Your Filipina date also had some preparations of her own to make that night extra special. So the first time you saw her, compliment her. Try to say she looks stunning or her dress is a beauty. Always say something good about her but do not overdo it.


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